Welcome to the Chamber Archive

This is a website in construction. My goal is to create a navigable space to archive me and my friends' group roleplay that we do on discord.

I know almost nothing about HTML. Hopefully this will help me learn!



Links to the HTML files of each channel will be added as they get uploaded. Check back later for updates!

Please click the back button on your browser to back out of the html archives, I still don't know how to implement a back button on them :(

To-do list (last updated 2nd Jan 2023):

Things I want to add if possible, just for fun:

  1. Search function
  2. Standarize formatting in the whole website
  3. Bio pages
  4. Recap pages


02/Jan/23 -> Created the index + about pages, uploaded the html files without assets

Hey vinny check this out

To learn more HTML/CSS, check out these tutorials!